Dance Factor provides a 

dynamic and creative 

environment, where 

children  learn the 

passion, values and skills 

required to achieve success

 in the performing arts.

We provide individual

and group training for the 

age group of 4 years and 


Modern Jazz

a vibrant and exciting dance form that uses different techniques
like stretching, contractions, turns, isolation, jumps, leaps and progression floor work.


is a young and vibrant form of street dancing that has developed with rap, pop and hip-hop music genres.


for the adventurous among us. Classes emphasize balance, stretching, strengthening, and flexibility and includes basic tumbling skills.


a theatrical entertainment in which Lyrical dancing and music, often tells a story where a dancer uses advanced techniques to create movement.


a discipline that involves strength, contortion, flexibility, balance, tumbling, and dance choreography. These routines are all set to music and performed at ASSA registered competitions in order to obtain Gauteng North colours.